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Ozzy, been listening to you since I was 12 (41 now, that's 29 years).
My mom would slap me around and ground me until I was 17 because in her
her words, "Stop listening to that devil music!" Let's say she was not a
big fan of yours...
But, in all honesty, you have lost your identity with this album, just
like you did with Bark at The Moon...
There will never be another guitarist like Randy, who brought the best
out of you and you of him. And Zakk is not far behind. In my opinion,
No More Tears, established him as the best guitarist that is
alive today. Zakk's solo work is awesome, but nothing compared to what
you and Zakk put together.
I like Let Me Hear You Scream, but Diggin Me Down is the best song in
this album. The rest of the comment.
I am more than confident that you will bounce back with the follow up
to Scream...