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Two tickets to the July 19th show in Northern Califo...


I live in the Chicago area and I mistakenly got free advance tickets to Ozzfest for the July 19th show in Northern California. The two tickets are for Section 203, Row V, seats 33 and 34. I can't go to that show as it is a bit too far from my front door.

If anybody wants them let me know. I am charging nothing of course and I assure you that I will only send the tickets to a single person.

I have not yet printed the tickets; they are saved in a file and I will send them to the person that contacts me first. If however, when I log on I find that more than one person has expressed an interest in the tickets I will read through the emails and decide which person to send them to.

So when you write let me know why you should be the one I send these tickets to. Of course, if you take these free tickets and sell them I will spend the rest of my days hunting you down so that we might have a friendly conversation.

Have a good one. I'll be at the August 10th show in Chicago. I've been following Ozzy since 1972 and I've seen him live a half dozen times or so through the years; not nearly enough. There is no one better in this genre. Thanks Ozzy for being a real mother f***er all the way through the flick.



Posted my buddy Elmo that needs ticket to the Devbore Ca, show, Show the Love and come back .