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sabbath tour

Could anyone be so kind as to enlighten me on a topic which I have only found vague anawers. Is the original Black Sabbath line up touring in the near future? Many Thanks


Most likely, perhpas the next Ozzfest, I'd rather have them do a tour with one or two opening acts. The plan as I have pieced together is that once Tony and Geezer finish up the Sabbath tour with Dio, Ronnie will go back to his solo band and get to work on Magica II. I'd really like to see Tony and Geezer then go back to their respective solo bands and followup Fused and Ohmwork. Hopefully Bill finishes Beyond Aston. Then they might tour with Ozzy. I'd give my left nut if it would help the guys get into a studio and record an album though, but I doubt its gonna ever happen.

Tony Iommi = God, his arch angels are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Walker, Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan, Dave Donato, Glenn Hughes, Ray Gillen, Tony Martin, and Bill Ward (bassically everyone who sang on a song labeled Black Sabbath)