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My Ozzy Tattoos


Got this one in England, the same day of the original Black Sabbath Reunion show at the NEC in Birmingham, got this is the morning was at the show that artist drew this freehand while i held up the album cover, which i bought for 3 pounds at a street vendor in Soho


Absolutely love all the tats!

I drew this same photo years ago from the cover of "Speak Of The Devil ".

good story~ and nice tattoooo!!

Just a dreamer.

You must have had a hell of a good time to getting that thing on your arm I'm only thirteen but I get made fun of for listening to him, I don't care I still think Ozzy's still goin' long and hard.

Damn that must have took like 3 hours. If I wasn't such a chicken I probably would get that. Which I'm not even old enough yet so no worries. (Right now.)