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Re: Scream

This album is as close to dance music as Ozzy's going to get. I guess that's what's popular today, but it's not my thing. Luckily though, Ozzy still kicks ass. Zakk had so many side projects I couldn't imagine him taking Ozzy's album seriously enough, so it's good to see Ozzy get some new people (athough I love Zakk's playing, obviously). The sheer truth of the matter is that Ozzy's relentless persuit for perfection is what also helps me drive as a musician. I want to be the best and there is no doubt in my mind that Ozzy is certainly one of the top to beat. He's one of the few that makes it a very difficult road.

Although I think he should move on with new musicians who are up to his caliber to really get more memoriable riffs, overall "Scream" is a good album from a great musician that has already proved himself in the last 40 decades. God bless, and we love you too, Ozzy!

-Michael Brigham (just another wannabe)