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Any other huge fans of Kelly O. here?

For lack of anywhere else to ask, do we have any other huge fans of Kelly here besides me?


Many people experience trials much harder than those of the Osbournes, if you ask me. I know several who were so severely abused, mentally and physically and sexually, that they spiralled off into deep addictions and suicidal tendencies. Some who ended up institutionalized because things were so nuts. My mechanic used to be buried up to his chin in a hole when he did something bad as a little boy by his born again bible thumping parents. A very kind man, but has some issues with his mind he constantly tries to heal. It's terrible.

Many experience poverty, not living in a mansion in two countries with nannies, nor flying around in private jets, nor visiting five star hotels, dropping a quick $1500 for stuff they'll only use once, able to get anything they want if they pout or beg long enough.

That's not to minimize Kelly or Jacks life, nor knock them for being born rich, it's just to say relatively speaking they did not have life as difficult as many people I have met in my life. So their journey just seems a bit self-preoccupied to me frankly.

I'm glad Kelly is finding her own voice and center. Everyone needs to do that. She has a very fortunate path she lives walking on, I'm sure many people wish they were her and not their poor drudgery self.

I've listened to some of her earlier music and she was all right. Not in the vein I would listen to, but then I am an old school rock-n-roll girl myself.

I guess I just admire her from what I know of her. I liked her last album, really enjoyed her book, and kind of respect and admire her for how she's turned her life around somewhat from the "earlier" years. Coming out and admitting to addictions, facing up and getting over them (obviously a relative term), taking part in things like the pride parade recently. She didn't have the easiest or best of times growing up, obviously particularly during the show years, but she seems to have come to a good place of late. I just think there's a lot to admire about her I suppose.

:o). I think she has grown into a lovely woman. From afar, based on looks and the few things I read from time to time. No idea what her soul has grown like. I used to dislike how she treated her brother, she was pretty much a jerk to him. Past that, what would I know. She seemed likeable enough when she wasn't being a spoiled rich girl.

I really enjoyed seeing Ozzy and his family, but never really extended his fame to them. Frankly, I wouldn't think of any of them as "stars," not in the same way he is, and therefore wouldn't associate being a "fan" of her just because I am a fan of her father. Know what I mean?

Jack had a kind personality, pretty down to earth considering. Reminds me alot of my own son Gabe. They could be twins in spirit. Seriously. But what would I know of Jack personally. Nothing. What you see from time to time in any form of media really isn't who people are.

So tell me, based on not really "seeing" who Kelly is as a person, how do you call yourself a "fan" of her. BTW? She has a website. And last I saw there's a blog there.