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Re: Scream

Scream is a return to form for Ozzy, Black Rain was a decent album but it did sound too much like Black Label Society with Ozzy singing. Scream really brings back more of the old Ozzy style, the melodies are better, with less of the droning sound of Black Rain.

I love the record there is not a boring track on here, and Ozzy`s voice sounds better than ever. Gus G freshens things up with much less pinch harmonics which Zakk Wylde is famous for.

Standout tracks for me

Let me here you scream is sure to send the crowd wild when it`s played live, it`s a great anthem that livens things up for sure.

Digging me down is sure to become a classic Ozzy song, it`s heavy and has all the melody which Ozzy`s best work are famous for.

Soul sucker has some Black Sabbath flavour there, with a heavy sludgy guitar sound, great song.

Life won`t wait is a classic ballad of which i am very fond. Ozzy has always had at least one great ballad on an album.

I couldn`t have asked for a beter album from the Ozzman especially at the age of 61.