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Not all up with this computer age lol, kinda intimidates me. Im 40 and no one knows what a type writer is anymore. Anyway last night I was in the store and saw Ozzys picture, can spot it anywhere, but on the cover of guitar world. I read as much as I can on the guy he totally intregues me and Ive been in total love with him since I was 13 LMAO. Anyway I have no Idea if hes coming here to seattle or Gorge washington this year. Id really like to see this G Whiz thats catchy good work but gus g. I already have my tickets to see godsmack, Black lable society in august. Jake E Lee was my favorite player and by far the finest. Glad Im finally on with the prince of darkness lol The book was totally awesome.


cool, welcome! I love Ozzy too, and have for just a tiny time longer than yourself. I remember him with Sabbath, and he's been my music choice of choices since. Gotta love the new book, it's hilarious. so down to earth, and so loveable - so Ozzy! the writer did a fantastic job. I think Ozzfest on Aug24 is closest to you in San Bernadino, but Ozzy's not announced where he's going to tour for Scream yet...he may come closer to you than that.