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Zakk or Gus?

Who's better? What do you think?


I love all of Ozzy's musicians. His current keyboardist Adam Wakeman (son of Yes keyboardist Rick) is just phenomenal. Such beautiful music he brings to the table, big time, and yet...who is most often overlooked. Wow, it's ridiculous. He's fantastic! So is Ozzy's new drummer Tommy Clufetos. He's got some stuff going on. I really really dig the sound he's got. Amazing! I want to hear this man live!!!

You know, Ozzy & Co. just have the golden touch when it comes to recruiting musicians that are amazing.

And Blasko, frankly I had realized, but not really, how much he shines. I think this lineup really brings the man forward and out BIG TIME. I love his stuff with Zakk, but this album without him just really shines. You know?

i've never before even know who is Gus G =) , But he seems to be very talented guitar madman , like all Ozzy's ex-players. Can't wait to see him live on stage!! Zakk Wylde is still IMO BEST guitarist! I Love all him stuff & BLS . Randy is of course too my favorite .

Well, since Zakk wrote the riffs that Gus is playing by and large for Scream, I'd say maybe we should wait to see what Gus has in his closet that he can bring out. I think he's an awesome guitarist, that is for sure. He can play Randy unlike I have heard since Randy. He captures the essence of Jake E Lee perfectly too.

What I can't figure out is why the beauty of each of the guitarists of Ozzy history has to be compared. Randy or Zakk. Now Zakk or Gus. Damn. Just let the essence of each live in the great music they brought us. I'm really excited to see this talent in Ozzy's band. Aren't you?

Zakk. Gus G is really nothing that I haven't heard before. New talent with a mixture of everyones style. Zakk at least, as well as other older musicians, have their own style that easily sets them apart from newer stuff coming out these days...

Dunno Gus G is great though. I like his work on Scream, i think Zakks style is great an all but the pinch harmonics are starting to get tired.

So i guess i prefer Gus G.