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Where are the Olde Regulars

Now I am working shifts, my time on site are limited! So having had prioblems with the site, and I know others have, as they have sent me emails.

There have been suggestions on moving onto other sites!

Other suggestions have been that the site is far tooooooo slow and no longer fun!



Hey Andy. I'm still around. I'm not moving on to any other sites. I like this and Facebook for different reasons. Seems like alot of Ozzy fans are on Facebook, but aside of those you add as friends, they don't interact - which stinks. Because they're from all over the world! I guess if you're here or there or wherever for Ozzy and welcome other Ozzy fans, that's what matters.

The site glitch seems to be fixed. Posts are showing up quicker, and only 1x instead of 5.

I dont know but i wish they would stop comming back then leave again it's annoying!! ha ha

I`m HERE,...BEEN Here,.....who wants to know??

I know, I know where some are these days! will they come back? Who knows. I will be around all over the show as and when I can!

Well then! someone upstairs please take note!

One of our friends has tried to log on as normal and can not, so they have treid to set up another account, but is told that that is already an account!

One has forgotten their password, and can not retreive it!

Some have connection issues, like they have used ALL thier monthly usage up!

Some are fed up, that they find the site slower than the olde one, and moved on to another similar, BUT NOT that same topic site.

I would have thought by now, that ALL the bugs would have been ironed out, and I for one do not get Ground Hog Day, trying for at least 6 attempts to get back to the menu after posting a reply!


Nothing changes does it! this site IS STILL VERY SLOW and loike ground hog day trying to get back to the main menu!

I have spoke to the Gimp, and LD and they are well. I did ask and they both said at different times that they had, had problems, slowness, BUT even when pressed would not say anything else! Thats what you get talikng to adults!

Part of me wants to know, but the other part says that decression is the better part of valour, so It is none of my business.

Besides they are on facebook, Skype, if you know where to find them, let alone, if they will let you in! If I do not know who you are, then i WILL NOT let you onto my facebook buddy list! OK the ones that I have already I know who they are, and where they live, as we have exchanged all sorts of things. My current offering to m friends, Ok some of them is a BAD TASTE OZ BEAR! I just wonder what ever may come my way? You will know I have sent you one, as I have emailed you, to tell what I have done!

The gimp did say that he had had some emails that were not very pleasent indeed, and lets face it, if you are going to send stuff like that, then you may as well GFY, nobody is interested!

Besides, my current schedule I only have had time to check my emails, and facebook pages and a bit of TV, before having to go to bed!

So as the olde saying goes:

And So to bed! good night campers

A good and fair question is simply this " WHERE IS ANYONE", there appears to be seldom few on the site these days!

I know that I have to work shifts, which leave little time for much else, BUT what about everyone else?

Perhaps with the exit stage left several clones followed? Just a guess.

I'd really like some of his real fans to come here. But they won't. Primarily because there is not a link to this discussion area anywhere on the site that I can find on the main page. I mean, if you don't know to type in forum, how the hell would you ever figure that out?

Also, the long scrolling pages are complicated. Ozzfest is a bit better, but there are still only shallow dimensional interactions there. Speaking of which, why the loneliness, I thought you said your friends were on your Facebook. Are they ignoring you? Or do you just periodically bring it up to stir up mischief. Are you wanting to be frank about where they are? I don't have a problem with it if that's what you are leading to...open the can up!

Guess what! I found a little time to poke my ..... nose into the site! My, the speede it is working at the moment is just like waiting for god!

Looking at the topics on the forum, there seems to me to be such little activity! This thread was STILL on the front page!

To think that i will speak to anyone, even the thiong from Sleepy Hollow, as long as we have a sensible'ish conversation!

Never mind at least the site only claimed to have 9 members online this time!

Hey ho, let us hope that things brighten up!

HERE! Hi. :D

I'm here too