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Free ozzfest tickets

I am sorry but I don't think that it is right that I have gotten a code but when I have tried to redeem it I keep getting the run around.
I am posting this because I don't think that it is right that they don't have the tickets for sale this year and you have to be able to "win" them.
I am wanting to hear from the people that were actually able to truthfully redeem there codes!!!
I was wanting to see him this year and I didn't care how much it was going to cost, but if all of these code scams are going to go around and NO ONE is making it right even when it is at the cost of HIS FANS!!!


im in the same boat as u,,,sucks!

im in the same boat who do we talk to about this??????????????????????

well after i waited for over 7 hours and was there at exactly 3 pm when it said and didnt get a ticket a wrote one nasty f***in letter to livenation and they sent me a thing apologizing and they are now going to try and find me 2 tickets to the event that arent being used and if they cant find any to the ozzfest in Boston they will get me 2 tickets to any show i want Ozzfest or anyother

I am in the same boat to Which show did you want to see. I wanted the WPB Florida. IT sucks you got money
but no way to buy tickets. Who do we Talk too. This sucks......


I got my code from the Black Rain cd and it worked fine. I totally forgot about it, and then one of my friends reminded me at like 1AM that night. I got okay seats, but I'm just happy I was able to get tickets, considering all of the problems ppl had getting them.

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