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Black Sabbath Lawsuit

There's an article <a href="">several actually, that discuss the lawsuit regarding ownership of the Black Sabbath name.</a> Nothing I have read tells us HOW the lawsuit was settled, but we all know (or most do) that it was recently for them all.

My curiosity is piqued. What're the details!!! And, will something Ozzy/Iommi/Ward/Butler come from this? PLEASE say they will take the stage at San Bernadino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG I would s*** MY PANTS> I never got to see them together as a teen. They didn't come to Ozzfest in Phx. This would be the first time ever for me to see them onstage, and it would be a fricking DREAM come true.

Although...honestly? Seeing Ozzy and hearing his music is the same way and inspires the same love and dedication. It's so weird! It's just like two completely different sides to a coin called the complex and fabulous man known as "OZZY."


"Do we really (and so on)."-Andy

In a nutshell? Yes. I do. Inquiring minds definitely want to know. This is Sabbath man. Damned straight. I want to know if Tony got some sense and did what is right. Not by shades but in spades.

In the magazine "Classic Rock - Summer 2010" page 22 states:

The legal Battle is over, concerning the ownership of the name Black Sabbath has been settled. Exact terms of the agreement are yet to be revealed. Sked about the reforming of Black Sabbath Ozzy it claims said "Never say Never".

DO we really want, ye realy need to know what the actual terms ARE!

The main feature of this particular edition is RJD!

...i love you Ozzy Osbourne. I have since the day I first heard your voice and saw those dimples.