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When Youtubers PISS ME OFF!!!!!

Here's an example I found on the Bat Country (Avenged Sevenfold) video by ukmenace123:

This is a s*** arse band that produces gay music! This band fails to be hardcore and as they would say, "br00tal." This band is not f***ing brutal. Matt Shadows sings like a f***ing Backstreet Boy. That is not f***ing awesome! Every one of you mallheads are s*** arse scene kids who shop at Hot Topic! Are you all daft? That is so not Metal! Thank god The Rev died. f*** all of you!

Say whatever you want...

BTW, This is exactly how a douchebag loses friends, gets people to unsubscribe to them on youtube, f***s up his/her life, and becomes a drug dealer.


so hey, i went to Ozzfest. it was spankin unf)n-believable. i'm still not down off the high.


feel better getting that off your chest now Asylum lol ;o). ya crazy guy.