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Just to add to this post -
I agree with all said, both by the poser and the 'Evening Standard'.

Ozzy is and always will be, even after his dimise (not for many many moons yet), be the god or rock.
I've enjoyed this guy (live) since 1980, when i first went to the 'Blizzard of Oz' gog at the Kings Hall in Stoke-On-Trent. With a (fraudulent) ticket. I didn't know at the time and had to purchase a real one (£3.00).

Of course this was one of the few gigs featuring the great, late Randy Rhodes. (God Bless Him and His Family)

Sinse then i've managed to catch him on more than a 'few' occasions live.
All these years Ozzy has given me more that just music. He;s given me a solid belief in myself. Whenever the hard life gives me grief, i put on an Ozzy Album which ALWYAS makes me feel special and brings out the rebel in me (all of us).

Last nights gig was only spolit (in my opinion) by the poor sound system. I know Ozzy and the band can still sound much better. Lighting was 100% and the clinical organisation didn't reall spoil it. I'm sure i saw in Ozzy's face a little dissapointment and i think this was done the the poor sound in the arena.

The 'pre gig' video was funny and the intro 'O Fortuna' makes my hair stnad on end every time i hear it. It's a shame Ozzy didn't do more tracks from the new album 'Balck Rain' as it's one of the best he's done for years (as close to Blizzard he's done).

All in all - a great concert from 'THE' rock god. - Gob Bless you Ozzy - Your a Good, Honest and genuine Man.

God Bless - Andy

PS. I drove from Newcastle-Under-Lyme to London and back and still turned up at work on time :-)