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Who are you?

Just wondering.

Are you a M/F?
How old are you?
What's your home country?
When/how did you become an Ozz fan?



I got my first Ozzy CD years ago. I was about six, my parents were like, we know how much you like Ozzy so we bought you the essentials. So I must've been an Ozzy fan before that even.

I'm a dude, I just turned sixteen today (updated 8/23), and I was made in America. When I was a child (in 7th grade), I caught a fleeting glimpse of Ozzy in music class when my teacher was teaching us about riffs and played Crazy Train for us. [...] I cannot put my finger on it now. The child is grown, Pink Floyd is mostly gone. I have become a huge Ozzy fan with every album from Blizzard to Tears (studio and RR Tribute).

Cool :o).

I'm 46, and female. US born, from New England. I became an Ozzfan in the context of Black Sabbath, back in 1976. I was 12 when I first heard the band. I fell in love with the music when I was 14, cuz the friends I used to hang with and I jammed in the park listening to them on the 8 track & later cassette player while we partied. No IPODs, DVDs or CDs back then, and it's for sure 78's, 45's and albums didn't play in cars heh heh. Sabbath was core material.

When they broke up in 1979 (for all intents and purposes)/1980, it was FREAKING YEARS before I (and many, many others) let go of the hope that Ozzy would return and everything would be all better. I just couldn't wrap my head around the thought that Black Sabbath was no longer. They were that big for me and so many in the day. There weren't as many bands out there like there are today. They were irreplacable. :(.

When Ozzy began playing with Randy Rhoads I had such a tough time. I absolutely LOVED the music, not Crazy Train so much, but definitely other tracks - and I appreciated Randy's guitar strokes (cuz baby, he stroked the guitar as a master would) - the solo's were phenomenal! But I was always kind of like "yea, well, it's not Sabbath, Ozzy needs to go back to Sabbath." I was in denial. So, I kind of (translation, actually) missed Ozzy's early years solo from that resistance to him outside of what I thought he should be doing (bad of me to be so selfish) - reuniting with Sabbath.