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Who here has heard this

Any fans of Witches Mark on this forum? The new album is probably the darkest and heaviest stuff yet.



but thanks for sharing that anyways. i'm sorry the other members didn't pipe up anything. i'm not sure why.

I really like Carlos Zema. I think he's a fantastic performer, singer, and songwriter. He's played with Vougan and Outworld.

What do you think of him?

Wow, those are some freaking dark lyrics and vocals. Frankly, going that close to the edge with evil s*** isn't my cup of tea. It kind of freaks me out. I think the pendulum needs to swing back here so there isn't so much WAY out there in the darkness, and there are some mainstream rock bands that don't mix it with Satanism or Witchcraft s***. WTF?

In reading their lyrics (from their website?), I see that they are kind of built around the hypocrisy of "religious" people. And 'other' spirituality. Not my thing as I said.

You promoting them?

Undivine and Serpentine,
Serving at the throne of gluttony,
What is it you need?
Beckon forth, answer to me

All your earthly desires,
Chain you downwards, cast into fire
Bid well and give in
I will make you Slaves to your own sin

On your bellies you crawl,
Overlord I am master to all,
Bound, shackled and then...
I have made them Slaves To Their Own Sin

To acknowledge your wants,
I can grant you all of your dreams,
Bid well and give in,
I will make you Slaves To Your Own Sin

A servant in hell,
b**** of Hades, now forever dwells,
Bound from within,
I have made them Slaves To Their Own Sin

These voices permeate your mind
Lead you to your wants

On your knees for me
And I will give you everything

Imprisoned now forever more
she's the devil's whore