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Random Thoughts...

I’ve always asked for some sort of sign, never really paying to much attention to anything. But it’s not until now that I realized that those preaching around me could be my sign, and I just wasn’t listening. All I know is that lately I feel like I just don’t know what to think. I’ve been going to church, but I’ve not been putting my heart into it. I just have all these mixed ways of thinking, and I feel like, who am I to call myself a “Christian”. I feel so perplexed by all the religion, and all the commandments, and the having to live a “superior” life. It just seems so hard to believe when I feel like I am surrounded by hypocrites. If the bible says not to judge unless to be judged, the why pass judgment onto someone that you don’t know personally and say that they are sinister and they are wicked and that they worship the devil? I just feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes between church and the music I love. Why should I change my belief of a musician because of what some preacher alleged? Is being a “Christian” and listening to Ozzy so wrong? I can’t take it any more. I am going insane. I try to put on a happy face. I just feel so phony. Lately, I don’t know what to believe.


and btw, when i say read, study, i mean openly. i read from all kinds of religious faiths what their foundational documents were. i let my own internal self be the judge of what struck me as hogwash and what struck me as truth. i had no fear reading any of the number of variants out there, including satanism, wikka, new age, hinduism, islam, judaism, latter day saints, and the various manifestations of Christianity. i went to a university to their stacks and read, read, read.

in my journey, the only thing striking me as truth were the things i found in the new testament. in every other case i was like "ah good, good, good ...loonie tunes." with different time between the first "good" and "loonie tunes." those things in the old testament that struck me odd were found to be moved around and not what was in the original recordings of what was written at all. which begs why they even print the lies today!

I guess if you need a translator you will seek someone else to tell you what things are all about with regards to faith and the big questions within you. trust me, there is no shortage of people from high up to low in the food chain happy to tell you what theirs is.

however, if you prefer to find your own way...to make your own mind up, you'll cut to the chase and explore what is out there on your own. read, study history, and decide for yourself what strikes you as truth or lie.

something that is truth: the human condition is one wrapped in evil. that doesn't mean truth and light do not exist. it means very very few reflect truth and light outwards.

I happen to have faith, and am a Christian. That said, I do not see what takes place in organized religions to be anything like what was the intent of things written in the bible. i think it is dogma, indoctrination, domination, masculism, and flat out evil that creates most of the gatherings i've witnessed.

where there is not love there is darkness, evil.

something that strikes you as unloving (condemnation, blaming, shaming, and and so on) is the absence of love. Period. Simple thing to remember.

MMM said it well, love others as you would love yourself. If you beat yourself up and condemn yourself, that isn't love. If you turn that outwards it's not love just because that's what you do to yourself.

music isn't evil. it can be, some of these singers who glorify murder and sado-masichism, or who specifically dwell on evil things ~ i personally think they breed those things in the minds who listen to them. Ozzy for sure is not evil. most of what he has to say is the EXACT opposite. he brings up the hypocrisy, the blindness, and so on, sometimes by speaking in the first person (as if he were speaking from a soul that is evil) ~ HOWEVER, that does not make him evil. it makes him a reflector on the human condition.

Ozzy is a very kind soul. he is a good man. end of subject! :o)

What Streaky said.....I'm a Christian and I listen to Ozzy and many more bands...I don't think I'm doing something evil...music is harmless....and about all that preaching you said keep in mind just this...the only thing that Jesus always pointed out at the greatest of all his teachings was " love each other"...just try to do that and you'll be living a moral life.

I guess i'm agnostic. I believe in myself pretty much

As long as you don't follow the influences of these musicians, it's Ok. Iknow lots of really nice people (who are Christians) but like metal. :¬)

I believe in nothing.