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The Rev (A7X) suicide note?

"I know you'll find your own way
When I'm not with you."

"I never meant to leave this world alone.
I never meant to hurt the ones who care.
And all this time I thought we'd just grow old.
You know, no one said it's fair.
Tell my baby girl that it's alright.
I've sung my last song today.
Remind the Lord to leave his light on, for me
I'm free."

And then 3 days later he overdoses himself (maybe)!


I have a Living Will. If it is medically determined that I am not functionally alive (no brain activity, incapable of survival outside of the use of a machine) my children are to be given the chance to say goodbye and I am to be left to die. If I am placed in that state and my assessment in injured state is that I am technically dead in terms of brain activity (vegetative), they are not to resuscitate me.

That's a big span between someone killing themselves out of depression though Asylum. That is someone who did not have a choice in the matter deciding ahead of time to not have life prolonged or not. Of course that is not something that should be interfered with.

No more than once dead we should pickle our bodies in the fashion of Egyptians (mummifying or preserving the body). That is SUCH a pagan concept. The Vikings and Native Americans have it straight - stick the body on a pyre and burn it up. Be done with it. The shell no longer contains life. Sad to say, but true. Picture doing that to every pet you have. It's f***ing disgusting! Instead...become ashes, scatter them, and hold onto the person you loved in your heart and mind.

I forgot: what if it doesn't kill you like AIDS or MRSA or cancer, etc.?

What would I do? I would cherish every single second I had to look in the eyes of my children and tell them over and over how much I love them. I'd document things for them so when I was gone they'd have something of me to turn to and remember me and who I am, my personality and my love. I'd tell them everything I knew of that would help them on their way.

I would look at the sun on the grass, feel the wind in my hair, as long as I could. Hell, I'd have my hospital bed moved outside so I could still enjoy the vast beauty of life in 3-D on earth. I'd cherish each breath I was given, that's what I would do.

In fact Asylum, that is what I do, it is how I live my life. Because I have almost been killed more than one time already in my life. Once as a victim of a crime as a teen, several times in my car, and once here recently as a victim of a crime. Life is for living.

Suicide is not often committed as an act of choice for ending physical illness or pain. It is often committed because of a chemical imbalance in the brain. There are medications that help with that.

I forgot to say, the Rev died of a polydrug intoxication and had an enlarged heart.

I'm sure that they only refuse help if they've tried to get help from numerous sources (e.g. friends, counselors, psychologists, books, etc.), but nothing helps. And, let's say you have a disease. It's a very very very painful disease that does not heal with time and has no cure. What would you do? If something happened and you were kept on life support in a vegitative state, would you want them to keep you alive or pull the plug?

<strong>Asylum said: Oh I see! By the way, it's not the people who are committing suicide who are selfish, it's the ones telling them to stay alive while they're going through severe hell, just to keep themselves happy who are. Unless they're trying to get that depressed person some help. That's fine.</strong>
In my human experience it is the people committing suicide who are selfish. It is unbearable and enormously traumatic after someone kills themselves for parents, lover/wive/husbands, siblings, and friends. But the last person expected to be empathetic to what impact their act will have on others is the person so myopically wrapped up in the angst and drama of themselves.

I think the best therapy would be to work with people who really have life bad - AIDS patients, kids in childrens hospitals dying of leukemia, cancer, and heart problems, or overseas where life is not as easy as it is here.

People who are depressed can and most often do refuse help. Suicide is one side of the coin: homicide is the other. It depends on the flip of fate which direction it gets turned.

Also, the only intervention a person can make for someone deeply depressed is committing them as a danger to themselves or others. That requires you to be a wife/husband with substantial grounds to supercede the rights of your mate, or a parent of a child under 18. Otherwise the law is very very very very very much uncaring.

I have known people made quadriplegic who would give their soul to be in a healthy body, and yet, asked if they would want to die instead of living like they are ... what is their answer? Resoundingly "NO."

Life is of such little value to some, while to those breathing their last weeks breath, it's priceless. Too bad we can't swap spirits in bodies. Let those idiots hellbent on checking out leave, and give their bodies to kids who are losing theirs and can't stay, or teens on life support from accident trauma's who are aware and yet their bodies are so traumatized they have only a matter of a few breaths between them and the other side.

This is what I am talking about. Sorry, I mistook my history badly. Actually, you were mentioning someone saying he was glad the Rev was dead. My bad. :o* I knew I'd read it somewhere.

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Anyways. I like the one song Fiction but not the others. Do you see what I mean about Nightmare? In the PR they talk about this being their equivalent Metallica album.

But you like this band, I can tell. And that's cool. We all have different musical tastes. That's what makes the music executives rich.

What are you talkng about? Why would I say something like that?

Fiction is all right. I don't like Danger Line though. It's just sounding alot like the critic says. The song Nightmare blatantly steals Metallica sounds and expressions from Hetfield, I think the singer is a bit different and while amusing it doesn't leave me taking him or the band very seriously.

That was the only song on the album that was okay. But Asylum. Didn't you post something really rude about the drummer dying? If you felt that way enough to write something so blatantly disrespectful of the drummers death, why are you listening to any part of A7X?

Yes. Well, I can understand after listening to Nightmare how that critic arrived at his summary. I'll try a listen to Fiction and Danger Line.

oh, I see. Looks like he did write some of the lyrics. that's sad if it was suicide. for his wife/girlfriend and for his daughter who will never know him. it's too bad if it was that he didn't get help. suicide isn't glamorous, it's one of the most colossally selfish and hurtful things you can do to everyone around you.

Anyways, reading about the album, I found this review, "Jeff Weiss of the Los Angeles Times awarded the album two out four stars ending with "With imagery haunted by death and lyrical allusions to alienation and angst, Avenged Sevenfold's fifth full-length is almost impossible to appreciate unless you fit the prime demographic: tormented teenage boys." (Album review: Avenged Sevenfold's Nightmare, Jeff Weiss, July 27, 2010).

I haven't heard the album so I can't comment myself. I will Youtube the content and give it a whirl. I've liked some of their stuff in the past, though I can relate to the comment about teen music. They are older then when I saw them live though, so maybe that phase has passed. I'll let you know my take.

Both songs are from their new album Nightmare... I can't stop listening to Fiction!

right. i know that. what i am asking is what you are saying in the cryptic post "FICTION" and "DANGER LINE" - what is that from, where is the source.

The Avenged Sevenfold drummer was found dead in his home on December 28. This sounds a lot like a suicide note to me...

what are you going on about Asylum? what is the source of all this stuff.

Oh I see! By the way, it's not the people who are committing suicide who are selfish, it's the ones telling them to stay alive while they're going through severe hell, just to keep themselves happy who are. Unless they're trying to get that depressed person some help. That's fine.