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new ozzy gutarist sux balls zakk rules

Who is this f***ing hack peice of s*** ozzy has "playing" guitar he has suceeded only in making ozzy's band sound as weak as the old man's liver. Oh well we'll just have to wait till ozzy calls zakk back like he always does. Randy would not just be turning but doing 360's in his grave (RIP)his playing has about as much personality as a wet tea bag. and whats with the leather vest does he think he's ywnegie malmsteen or something. Anyway just my opinion (was he a member of Europe or did he just forget its no longer 1985) BRING BACK ZAKK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think Gus G is phenominal. He has thoughtful, melodic capabilities that I love in addition to hard rocking sounds with exciting riffs. The man just makes this woman squirm. Blending rock and roll with classics was Randy's trademark. Gus is not Randy, but he has that same ability in him, he's touched like that too.

Scream is just so incredible on the part of the whole band supporting Ozzy. Each one of them brought it on so richly. Some of what Gus does on Scream could be straight off of a classical music track, I think it's gorgeous. He's clearly not your ordinary guitarist. So unlike you I am very interested in seeing what Gus does with the freedom to bring it on. I want to see that shine out in the world and be something as revered as any one of Ozzy's other CDs. We moved on from Randy because we had no choice, from Jake E Lee, and now from Zakk. Open your mind ~ give the new stuff a shot.


Zakk's gotten way heavier, and has this slow heavy and very dark metal thing going I was getting bored with. I like more lively stuff. Melodic guitar, not just ripping solo's played with great drama and hair flinging. Besides, he's really gorgeous in BLS. His band is doing well, don't you appreciate him in BLS?

I'm glad for the changing of the guard, because Ozzy can bring something new to fans. He blew everyone away this year at Ozzfest, this band is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD. They play the songs like they were played by the original band members for the studio record. NO KIDDING! Gus and Tommy and Adam and Blasko really are just so top notch.

I would like to see Ozzy work with a different producer so the Churko sound is changed up too.

THAT DOES NOT MEAN I DON'T ABSOLUTELY LOVE KEVIN CHURKO! :o) His artistry is undisputed. The sounds on Scream and Black Rain are spectacular. The production has left us with classics I will hold to my heart 4 EVA!!!! (Thank you Kevin)...


No way! I was the only one thinking this? Now that i've thought about this fow awhile 'Scream' wasn't really a mind blowing album. But 'Black Rain' for some reason one of my favorite Ozzy albums. Don't get me wrong I love Scream but it doesn't sound like an Ozzy album. I really think it's Gus's fault along with Ozzy. It would sound like a sequel to Black Rain if Zakk Wylde played on it even though he wrote most of the licks. Oh yeah, and Blades how can you honestly compare Gus's playing to classical? He's more of a Randy Rhoads heavy version. XD I do love this album though. I think bringing back Zakk would be a wonderful thing to do. You have to do the math of Ozzy's solo career really.

1 Album=Ozzy/Gus G. 2 pts
2 Albums=Ozzy/Randy Rhoads 4 pts
2 Albums=Ozzy/Jake E. Lee 4 pts
5 Albums=Ozzy/Zakk Wylde 10 pts

Album=2 pts
We could get more technical but c'mon this is just music.The point is Zakk Wylde has played on the most albums therefore Zakk is the more "Ozzy" sounding music. When you think about it the guitarists really work the album and twist and turn it and work together with Ozzy.

Ozzy Osbourne "Digging Me Down" 0:00 - 0:45 is straight off the classical guitar genre love.