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A dieing request.

I have followed your music since the Sabbath days. You have a special knack of coming out with tunes just when I need them. Currently “let it die” works for me because I’m coming out of a 30 year faithful relationship where she decided to rip my heart out. “There are many here among us who feel that life is but a joke” sorry Ozzy for being an unfaithful slut…I’m actually surprised you did not write that. Anyway back to “planet caravan.”

I now have a “Bucket List” and you’re at the top of the victims I hope to meet before I die. I hear tell that you might have a touch of Bipolar. I appreciate that you wrote “Diary of a Madman” just for me. You see I’m not just your average manic depressive/bipolar. My credentials include at least 10 confirming diagnosis’s, padded rooms, and the joy of 4 point restraints and being stabbed with haldol. I’m actually very responsible and play societal games well to make others nice and comfy. But like Martin Luther….”I have a dream.”

My Idea is to hang out and have a couple beers discussing how I have seen clouds transform before my eyes with symbolic imagery of Christ not just once but a couple times. It’s a little secret that God and I enjoy. The dude has a great since of humor. Then I’m thinking maybe we could roll some currency and snort escaping ants in the mid day sun. I know I’m irresistible now but I thought…why not give this a shot. My email address is “da-drifter@hotmail.com” . Let me die happy Ozzy.

Cheers my fellow silent torched soul.


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