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<strong>Sun, 06/03/2007 - 21:55 — daysrose

Hey you guys... I need help...</strong>

Hello dayrose, I am scapegoat….

As far as you needing help, I understand your desire to want to convert everyone to being an Ozzy fan, but unfortunately even today people don’t really understand the Ozzman. I find it to be only a waste of breath when it comes to trying to achieve this, it is better to just simply wash your hands of them & enjoy having the last laugh. Because almost any true Ozzy fan will always have the satisfaction of knowing what a true artistic genius Ozzy is.

Now lets tear this sucker apart verbatim.

<strong>(It's one thing to write lyrics, and another thing to live a healthy, spiritually balanced lifestyle.)</strong>

Now I find this absolutely absurd, since when has good art, or music had to have come from a healthy, spiritually balanced life style? I guess Picasso was a s*** artist because he suffered from mental illness & we should no longer recognize his art, & should simply take his work down from every museum in the world. While were all tearing down artwork from museum walls, let’s start burning every book, or poem by Mr. Edgar Allen Poe, Why? Because it is common knowledge that Poe suffered from bouts of depression and madness, and he may have attempted suicide in 1848, so this makes him unfit for our admiration, or the love of his life’s work. This persons comment is completely ignorant, & I really can’t help but almost feel sorry for them. It must really suck to be this out of touch with reality; I have to wonder if maybe they are slow, or perhaps hospitalized for some sort of mental deficiency.

<strong>(Ozzy is completely unbalanced; he bit the head off a dove right in front of the record executive of the record company that released his first solo album.)</strong>

Ok I am actually surprised they had the facts right on where this actually occurred. Surprise, surprise!

<strong>(What a fine example of humanity that was for someone who continues to struggle with lifetime addictions.)</strong>

Now I can only guess this person knows absolutely nothing about fighting any addiction, or what a cross it is to bear. Again they illuminate us with their short sightedness, & pompous ass opinion on what one can, or will do when under the influence of drugs, or alcohol. They must have lived a sheltered life I suspect, because I don’t know anyone that hasn’t been affected by this affliction, whether it is by ones own hands, or a loved one. Again I have only pity for this dumb ass, it must suck to be this f***in stupid!

<strong>(Tell me, does this "genius" show any gratitude by donating his time to any charities, or is he all about himself, as evidenced by that now defunct TV show of him and his family and their "balanced" so-called lifestyle at home in England?)</strong>

As for this comment, it is sad that one thinks an individual must donate any money to a cause in order to hold a valued place in society. As for celebrities making donations, I find it to be a nice gesture, but anyone with any common sense knows that they get to claim this s*** on their income taxes at the end of the year, so even though it may sound as if they are giving a lot of money out of their pocket, it isn’t always the case. Again we have another ridiculous statement!

<strong>(I can think of alot better role models for our kids to follow than some "sicky" like Ozzy.)</strong>

Hmmmmmmmm, and who may that be I must ask? Maybe this individual admires Elvis, who ate tons of barbiturates, & died of a heart attack on his royal commode at the age of 42. Or perhaps one of these moral filled country stars like Hank Williams Senior? Oh wait that is impossible, he was a drunk & injected himself with B12 and morphine and was found died in the backseat of his car. For the love of god! Even Hitler was a genius for Christ’s sake, a sick & demented genius, but a genius non-the less. So I don’t see where this moron is going with all this, I don’t see how ones lifestyle, or religious beliefs, or how much time or money they donate to any f***in cause has a damn thing to do with making, or creating great music, or art. In fact it is most often these individuals that are our most cherished artists of all time. So this moron needs to just shut the f*** up & try not to insert his, or her foot in their mouth!

I am sorry if I got long winded, & this in unlike me to run on, & on. Like I said I usually laugh to myself when I encounter a individual that is closed his mind to music, or art. I instead only try to subject them to as much Ozzy music, at the most loudest level possible, until they either cry, or go away. All I can say is Ozzy is a great artist, & this has been proven through the test of time. Just like the Beatles, I picture use buzzing around in space cranking to War pigs, or better yet Into the Void!

His music is forever immortal; it shall never, ever die!

Long live our boy Ozzy!