Ozzy Fans from Germany,who is in Oberhausen on board?

Hi Ozzy friends from Germany.
Where are you?

Please tell me if you are going to Ozzy Concert in Oberhausen?

Let the Madness begin :-)


Have a good one LD, Ute, and Christine, And when Ozzy says, Show me some ...... s, Ihope you behave yourselves! hehehehe Lol. AND, Let me have the photo's ASAP! AND, if your TWO Oz Bears Go, Photos would be appriecated!. Have a good one!

yea, i am from Denmark and im comming!

na klar wir fahren hin!!!wollen wir uns vorher treffen zun vorsaufen oder so?

grüsse aus dem emsland von ka.thomsen

schaut mal bei you tube vorbei

ozzy 88140

Ich bin dabei! Hab ne Stehplatzkarte ;o)