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Auto-Bio "I Am Ozzy"

So, I picked up "I Am Ozzy" today and simply cannot put it down. Do you think I have a problem? I mean, it's like f***ing crack or some s***. It won't like....leave me. I've been carrying it around all day and almost got in trouble at work because I was reading it when I shouldn't have been. I crave the life Ozzy lived in, back in the days when rock was just taking off with all those crazy band names and such. I myself am a singer (and a musician) and I just got my first audition and made it into the band (yesterday). As I started reading "I Am Ozzy", I realized that the first band he was in almost sounded like the first band Ozzy was in. I really hope that isn't the case. I do hope to make it big like Ozzy did, but I'm not sure where my path will take me. Do I try and follow what Ozzy did, being the daredevil crazy funny clown (who is NOT a disgrace, by the way =) ) or do I stick to my own quirky self and pray that I don't have some giant red headed bloke asking me if I want to have a go with his girlfriend and be f***ed either way. I'm no pussy, but I'm not a fighter either (cept in the boxing ring). So my main problems are these: This book is crack. I'm worried that this first band will suck ass and not go anywhere. I won't be half as cool as Ozzy is. If you want to talk about the book, or stupid blokes, go for it. I'm up for anything Ozzy. =)

Mouse in Wheaton, IL


What!!! You're reading it at work? (snicker) Be careful!

Discipline my got to get a grip on this thing. ;oP

Now that's a hard core

I know a guy who read the book non-stop in less than a week. It took me weeks (on purpose). We each have what works for us lol.

Couldn't have said it better myself =^_^= Yeah, it's like he's sitting there telling you his story. Amazing book so far =) Can't wait to finish it! I might have to read it another time lol

Loved the book too. Got it shipped here from England hot off the press. Couldn't wait for the US release lol.

I love anything Ozzy too. He's been with me since forever.

Completely enjoyed reading the book. It felt like I was sitting around with Ozzy on comfy chairs hearing him talk about his life. Or laying out in the grass on a blanket. So, I split it up over a few weeks, dragging that feeling out. LOL.

;o). Some of us are just that nuts.

And? Who you are or will be in this lifetime is in the hand of fate. If performing is your dream give it all you have got everytime all the time. And there are still no guarantees. The twist of life is such that some in the blink of an eye rise and others never do. I'd just be one to give it all I had if that is what I really wanted so that there'd be no regrets later in life, no what-ifs.