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Ozzy, Terry Horbury, Andy Bierne (Dirty Tricks) post...

In a forum "Ultimate Rhoads" someone posted this:

"Yeah I agree, it is a great read. Nice work Shaun digging out that interview. I love reading old articles like that. I often go up in the loft to get summat for the wife and end up reading through some old copies of Kerrang or Sounds for the rest of the morning, with her shouting up "What the bloody Hell are you doing up there" LOL.
Anyway, for those who haven't read it basically Ozzy worked with a few musicians during his time away from Sabbath in 1977. Firstly with 3 musicians from Cumbrian band Necromandus, guitarist Barry Dunnery, bassist Dennis McCarten and drummer Frank Hall. They worked on a few songs over a month or so but eventually it didn't really work out. Ozzy then worked with the remaining members of a band called Dirty Tricks, guitarist John Binnie, bassist Terry Horbury and drummer Andy Bierne. They jammed together for a while, rumoured to be at Bill Wards house, and was even booked into a rehearsal studio for a month, but before they got into the studio Ozzy had a change of heart and rejoined Black Sabbath, so nothing came of the collaboration, although Terry Horbury does say he's still got tapes of the rehearsals that took place.

As all this was taking place Sabbath were working with Dave Walker on vocals, a full album was apparently written, but upon Ozzy's return to Sabbath that was all scrapped and a new album was written with Ozzy, Never Say Die, and the band embarked on their 10th Anniversary World Tour, shortly after that Ozzy was sacked, and then, well, we all know who came into Ozzy's life then, and I don't mean Sharon."

I would LOVE to hear what the music sounded like back then. I wonder if Ozzy or Sharon have approached Terry Horbury about buying those tapes from him?

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Something tells me that you won't find any of this stuff on the internet. Just a news leak from diehard Ozzy followers. I'd like to hear this stuff. If they were smart they could make that money back in spades. They have some cash to throw around...why not give some for this stuff. Maybe they already have it and are holding onto it ... for a rainy day? C'mon Sharon and Ozzy - what's the give?

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Really interesting I haven't heard this one before! Jesus man, more songs I'll have to try and search for!

wow. not one flippin' comment about this one? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTUP with that?

I wonder how many songs like "Back on Earth" lie in the vault with Ozzy. He ought to have 100 of his diehard fans give a listen to some of his unreleased stuff to figure out some new releases for us based on all that material. Heh heh!!! :o). Not that my hand is raised for the job or anything.