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Meet and greet price

Ozzy is on tour. Can not wait to see him in Vancouver!!!

I was hoping to buy a meet and greet ticket. Have always wanted to meet my favorite rocker!

I have been a fan of Sabbath and Ozzy since the mid-seventies. Have not had a chance to meet him yet.

I almost did in Toronto, but the line-up was to long to get in for a autograph. Waited a long time but was told that the autograph session was over.

I was really hoping to buy a meet and greet ticket to finally meet the man; A $1000.00. Holy crap.

That is crazy.

O-Well. maybe another time.


For all those snobby rich kids - I say stick it. Cuz if the real fans hit by this economy and just by life in general (kids, mortgage, and so on) could have that 3 seconds they would cherish it to their hearts forever.

yea, there were only a few shows (Ozzfest). I went, to San Bernadino. it was good stuff.

i just wished my daughter & I could have been together in LA instead of Phx. The Phx venue sold all these tickets before the general public could get a seat to hawkers-24 rows. girl, that meant at the moment of time when I could get a ticket, it was mid-theatre. it SUCKED! WAY WAY WAY far back.

Ozzy should NEVER EVER EVER go with that venue again. they were fricken making tons of money off him coming. I was so sad. When I saw how good the LA seats were, that my baby girl wasn't there to share that with me. :o(.

but I totally know what you mean. I feel that way too. I freaked when Metallica came to Tucson, they played right down the mountain from me. I was buzzing with happiness for a week before, but intensely excited that day. I was like OMG, THEY'RE HERE IN MY AREA!!!!! DRIVING THE SAME ROADS!!!!

how exciting!!! enjoy yourself girl!

I had divorce troubles. In this economy it's a huge belly laugh to imagine I'd get any credit card aside of one charging me like 89% interest you know.

If I had one, though, I would do it in a snap. Big time. And then some. Cuz me and my daughter, we want to see Ozzy up close. That'd probably make us both hyperventilate to meet him. And I know being front row center would flip my and her lid big time. My daughter is nine lol. But she's right by my side watching Ozzy all the time. She was VERY upset I didn't take her to Ozzfest.

But...that this is the cards right now? Life happens like it does for a reason. I believe that. It just has to be enough to do things the way I can. Ya know?

Huzzah huzzah for you though. Take lots of pictures and share, okaY?

yep me too _ i entered several contests to win and I fully expect to hear this ticket has been upgraded at the gate - DAY AFTER TOMMORROW ! ! ! I am so excited ! ! ! I love ozzy and agree with the comment below - loved oz way before ozfest and the inspiration he gave me as a young girl will never be lost to me .

Right on Elainjo. =o). My ticket in LA was GASPINGLY close to the stage. I was in row 3 first seat on the aisle. OMFG!!! There is a JESUS IN HEAVEN.

I bawled my eyes out the whole show, Slash and Ozzy alike. It wasn't VIP but it was - in it's strange way! I only regret my daughter didn't come to that show instead of the Phx one. She would have LOVED the seats.

Im thankful just to be in the same building as Ozzy! i dont even care where i sit, preferably close, but
im freaking out the day i wake up on the 7th-8th jumping up and down screaming ozzys in the same state as me LOL!!!!!!!

Im 16, and like i said before Hopefully with my fingers crossed my first concert ever to see him!
& I read about what you said of you and your daughter wanting to meet him, I really hope things work out for you two so its possible, I was disappointed when i, could not for the life of me,, find out ANY info, on ozzfest 2010 and kept hearing rumors it was cancelled.. or wasnt even a show near me.. i was totally bummed out.

Wow, that is high. Only 30 per show though. I guess if it's something people have always wanted they'll fork it out. It would be worth it to meet Ozzy you know. But, I guess we can't all afford that luxury. I think it's because the venues still are charging exorbitant prices, but fans don't have the cash to go like even five years ago. So it has to be paid from those who can afford. Makes sense.

If I had a thousand I'd put it down to see Ozzy. They should do it in installments. The place who he is playing with on Halloween lets you pay in 3 installments. Not that I could afford a thousand that way anyways, not unless it was a year ahead of time lol.

;o)> Stand tall, be strong. Ozzy is performing, and who needs to be able to see him face to face that way anyways. What's that say in the end, that some fans roll in it enough to have the blessing to get a picture or a handshake hug or smile? I betcha there's those in that $1000 crowd who it hits real hard to cough it up, and those for whom meeting him is no different then meeting a stranger, they're fond of him but no real fan.

we did it last time they were in Toronto. small party with a couple free drinks, don't have to stand out in the freezing cold with everyone else, we got front row center tickets, met Ozzy, Zakk, and the rest of the band (and BIG DAVE!) haha...

only thing that sucked was we missed In This Moment, and the first couple songs from Rob Zombie. but otherwise it was pretty amazing. I think at the time they were saying the money from the meet and greet sales went to some charity. not sure if that's true or nopt, or if they are doing the same this year.

Kiss charged the same price many years ago.. so it's almost a bargain. I wouldn't pay that for many other bands though. (maybe GNR original lineup!)

put it on your credit card like everything else... end up costing you $1200 when it's all over. Won't have too many chances to do this again.