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tour dates 2011

The Ozzfest 2010 version starts on 14th August in the town of Devore, in the state of California that saw the festival in 1996. The main stage will feature Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue and Rob Halford, among others.
The 61 year old English singer spoke about his mind that includes touring with the band of Nikki Sixx. "Now I have my own plane. Well, not my own airplane, but I hire a plane. I try to keep the band is a band, not me on a plane and they were on the bus. So we will all do the next tour world on a private jet. Shall we together with Mötley Crue. "
"I learned that Nikki does not take, and I do not drink more, so now things will be different. It's good to be back with them. They are good guys," he said.
But things got really interesting when Ozzy said he thinks go places with the festival. "I think in the United States going to do six or seven shows. Then I do the Arena Tour, then go to Japan and China. Then we go to Turkey, Russia, the Czech Republic, England, South America .


Ha ha!!! That's what it's all about. Start him with a legend. So his measure for what is "good" music will never embrace the garbage passing as talent being pumped out of the big toilet of record companies nowadays. God I think we've hit a low, kind of like when disco hit. Now we have nothing but pablum chunked out for the single rather than the album quality. It's horrible. Share how he likes it :p

Can't wait to see Ozzy in St. Louis. Tickets are actually for my son's 13th birthday. His first rock concert! Of course, this will ruin him on all future rock concerts. How will any other be able to compare after this! Going to the pre-party but couldn't afford the meet and greet.. :-(