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An additional concert date needed for Victoria, BC!

The November 12 concert for Victoria sold out in 45 minutes! NO TICKETS TO BE HAD FOR ME AND MY FRIENDS:( I checked for seats at the Nov 14 Vancouver, BC concert and there's tonnes of prime seats available 4 hours after ticket sales began. Looks like Victoria is wild about Ozzy, while Vancouver not so much. WHY NOT CANCEL VANCOUVER AND MOVE NOV 14 DATE TO VICTORIA???!!!


I hear yah. A handful of my friends, including myself, had tickets online with 'Select your tickets', however, while waiting for the payment to go through, an error screen came up saying there was an error with the shopping cart and no tickets were to be found. What the hell happened to our tickets?! One minute we have them, next minute there lost. Why have an online account with 'Select you tickets' and further intrust them with our credit card info, if they prove to be totally unreliable?!! I speak for myself and all my friends who were screwed out of 'Ozzy' tickets and say " be very cautious about using 'Select you tickets' online services. Ozzy your awesome! Love Zakk too, however, we were very excited to check out the new material and your new guitarist. Sadly, those of us who had 'em and lost 'em are rather pissed off here in Victoria. I'm sure we'll hear the awesome feedback after your concert here from those who are going, no worries, we'll just grin and bare the pain. Cheers to yet another tour and for making an appearance here on Vancouver island! An island loaded with rockers!!!

Ticket scalpers suck<a href="">.</a><a href="">.</a>

♥ Ozzy!!!! ♥

I was fortunate to get two great floor seats, but yes I agree Victoria needs another date for Ozzy. He could probably sell out every night if he wanted to. Can't wait to see him in November. Ozzy rules !