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Who's laughing now?!

I tried to get Staind's first album Tormented off of eBay, but I lost to a guy who bid $20.50 when I bid $20.53. Pissed me off big time... But, the next day, I pre-ordered it from cduniverse (it's out of print and should be rereleased in January) for... drum roll please... $15.18! (actually, I think it was $18.17 including shipping)


Yea, bidding is interesting. I went to an auction and the people said "this is the starting bid." yet they had someone there pushing the bid up and up until it was like "F* it." Then suddenly they came after the thing ended and said something had happened and the other bidder didn't work out and would I want to take it. I was like "NO." I got pissed, they were obviously driving it up to get the most from the sale. And it was past what I wanted to pay anyways. I bid on something on eBay a time or two also. It's just retarded how that works. I'd rather have a set price. Glad to hear you got what you wanted ~*