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Re: Scream

ozzy osbourne is my God! he brings music to life like no other can. he is the definition of good, real, epic, crazy music. everytime i hear his unique voice it sends shivers of undenyable pleasure down my spine. he is an icon, a legend, a hero. he knows how to entertain, and he knows how to make everyone love him ;) he is the God Of Darkness, never mind the prince of darkness, and the world will come to an end the minute this king dies. he is insane, and he is dark, and he is loud, but he is also one of the cutest f***ing people on this earth! how the f*** does tht work out??????????? he has his epic side, but he also has his family side, and it is amazing to watch him b so loving and caring and understanding and loyal to each and everyone of his children. and this is why i love him, he is talented, and an awesome human being. if only this world had more ozzy osbournes, the world would b a better place! but then again, his individuality and unique edge is wat makes him, there really will never b another like him! i love u ozzy, may the rest of your life b bliss and may your soul b safe in the hands of rock! your a legend, your a hero, and i love u man!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE OZZY!!! MAY HIS MUSIC LIFE ON THROUGH THE CENTURIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!