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Ozzy on BBC Rado 2 - Johnney Walker Sounds of the 70's

DID anyone else listern to this show?

You had to wait for the second hour, before Ozzy spoke, BUT hey I captured it on my digital voice recorder, and I have to sus out how to cut what i do not want.

Any ideas? AND NO I do not own a MAC!


yea...google "software, edit mp3's." pick something that looks easy to use, open the audio, and cut it to what you want. Maybe something like Windows Movie Maker would work with sound, I haven't a clue.

But when you are done? I would upload it to Youtube with some pictures (make a slide show or put at least one pic up with Windows Movie Maker).

And then? Post the link here and on Facebook.

Howz that for some ideazzzzz....

had a play with movie maker, BUT I cut the wrong section out, and have not got around to retrying! BUT it works!

The down side is that it does sound a little tinny! I guess whenI have cut it, then I could post it to someone to improve appon.

Should I do that with my RAW Ozzy Birmingham Book signing of ALMOST 12 months ago, and WHO did I send copies to! hehehehehe

You could email the raw file and I have Adobe Studio that I can use to make a humdinger show.