November, 27, Air Canada Center, Toronto. Let's go together! | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

November, 27, Air Canada Center, Toronto. Let's go t...

We can go to the concert together and have a fun before, during and after this event! Let's go f***ing crazy!!!


woot!!! nice picture, i love the layers, wow :o). and hey, i shared them on my Ozzy!!!! group in Facebook, ok? it's just with other fans, and I said "Ozzy Halford Toronto CAN 11/27/10 - Courtesy Tom Pandi Toronto Event Photography Examiner" - You can see them right here: <a href=""></a>. I made a folder so if the newspaper takes them down I still have them up for fans to see. I tagged Blasko & Tommy in them. If Gus had FB, I'd have tagged him too!

Great Show last night at the Air Canada Centre - pics are here:

let's try this again
Going to the show Saturday in Toronto! It's going to be awesome. Where's the pre-party?

I'll be there

be careful ...