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Attack of Barney

These are 4 of the most hilarious videos I have ever seen in my life... check em out!

That's Part 1, others in description.


wow. you must be digging in the crumbs of Youtube. or on a hallucinogenic. that was so not funny to me. think about this Asylum. was that really worth a thread on seriously now. do you not have Facebook?

I're young. in light of that, you've used one of your "Get out of Jail Free" cards. There's only so many though. Use them wisely my son.

(tsk tsk tsk) .. Asylum, you're just too weird!

I thought it was hilarious! My dad hates facebook, myspace, etc., so no.

hmmm...i'd stay away from the Theraflu-PM love. and...since when does dad decide what you do? just curious. is he an uber computer freak? how would he know?

He likes to enforce his rules with screaming and the threat of violence. He would get really really mad if I did.

I feel as if i'm about to throw up in my mouth for what i'm about to say...I AGREE with (darky)..that was not funny.

<sigh> I guess you'd just have to be a kid to like them...

How about 2:50 in this one?


I know lol I'm addicted to youtube...