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When does pre-concert party @ Cleveland start?

Going on Dec. 5, does anyone know what time one can get in if they have tickets for the pre-concert party?
Thanks in advance, mpgenie.


LOL. you're welcome. and how contacting the venue hosting the event is not helpful is a scalp scratcher, but okay. that is who announced Ozzfest Meet & Greet arrival times. but okay. good luck!

Thanks f-darkblad but that response didn't help. I'm sure you are aware of vip tickets that were sold. I purchased them, but can only pick them up @ the show, which doesn't tell me what time to arrive. The vip tickets were sold I imagine @ all venues, but times for the these were not specified.Thanks for the sobering response.

if it's venue related, then contact the venue.

me? I enjoy my concerts sober. 100%. especially an Ozzy one.

I have the same question. Going on Dec 10 in St. Louis. Have the concert tickets, but not the pre-concert party ones yet. Who knows what time?!

Thanks again f_blad. I guess my point is there should have been an e-mail sent with detailed info after purchasing these tickets. I will contact the venue if I do not hear anything if it is getting close to the event. BUT,IF ozzy is throwing the party, he is the one that should let me & others know when to show up. Do you agree? Will let you know crazytrain if I hear anything. Rock on, OZZY Rules!

PS You might want to get some head & shoulders for that itchy scalp. Ha! Ha!

well, i think the PR for Ozzy suffers alot. it's this and that, here and there, little dropped articles you have to dig for to find, and nothing really strong electronically despite many forms of communication. just my take on things.