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Hi there

Hi everyone,

My name is Nerrilee, I'm a fairly new Ozzy fan, got into Ozzy just last year. My parents aren't big fans though, but that hasn't stopped me.

Anyway, I will sign off now,

Nerrilee :)


Life so reckless, tragedy endless,
Welcome to the family.
Never in question, lethal injection,
Welcome to the family.
Details blurry, lost him too early,
Welcome to the family.
It's been done, a casualty re-run,
Welcome to the family.

-----A7X "Welcome to the Family" (Nightmare (US/Finland #1!!!!!!!!!!))

Hi my name is Ryan, I have seen Ozzy in concert 7 times, 3 with Black Sabbath and 4 solo and I would like to see him an 8th time, especially since his new drummer is from my native city :)

hI Nerrilee , and welcome. glad we agree on the most important bit..OZZY Rocks!