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Hello felllow Fans! I am Vulture lady!

Greetings,Fellow OzFans! I am VultureLady,here to Celebrate the Prince of Darkness,and Make new Friends!
here'e a Little about me:
Female,Mail Clerk,Hobbies Include painting,Writing,Collecting Fantasy,and Medieval Stuff.
Interests include:Music(Rock,Reggie,Swing,Broadway,R&B,Opera,Classical,Band,Percussion)History,-
-Old Ways,Nature,Native Cultures,Lots More!

Fave Bands:Ozzy (Natch!)Black Sabbath,Deep Purple,Dethklok,ALL The Classic Rock Bands!

Please write Me!


Hey Vulturegirl, welcome! I love writing, fantasy & medieval stuff too. I'm pretty all over with my musical tastes too, spanning 40 or more years ;o)...

Hope you will come to be a regular on the boards, I'm on FB if you want to say hi @ Arizona Darkblade