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One Eyed Doll! Check this out!

Alright everyone, check out this AWESOME music video from One-Eyed Doll which is an amazing band out of Austin, TX.

here is the video on youtube -

If you like the video then please check out more about the band at


Wow deathmaster, I really admire your passion. One-Eyed Doll has great fans.

I LOVE One-Eyed Doll! They're really amazing and do deserve a lot more exposure than they get XD

<3 OED!!!

"a true metalhead" because you like to hear what they are singing thought of the definition excluding that except in the -dash metal genres (eg. death-metal).

I enjoy hearing what someone is saying too. I will check this out.

:o). Thanks for sharing this!

I agree there are alot of bands getting deals that don't deserve them. There are alot of bands out there that deserve a chance and its great the internet allows people all over the world to see then through youtube and myspace. Unfortunately some are limited to videos captured at a show which as you said aren't the best quality. One Eyed Doll is to me a live band. Yes Kimberly has great charisma and really connects with the crowd. She is a performer and so much more than a musician. Being this is an Ozzy forum it is only fitting to post a link to their song Plumes of Death. The second link it to the song on their music site so you can hear the song as it was meant to be.

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2 -

I saw OED by accident and very glad I did. Went to see an In This Moment show and they were opening. She starts the show in this mini mouse type voice, introducing herself and the drummer. We were like what the??? Then she started playing Committed which I believe they open most shows with and we went holy ??? Very great energy live. If they are in your area check them out.

I am starting to move more and more to the female fronted bands. Epica, Stalin (Shocker) X, Leaves Eyes, Lacuna Coil. All have great metal riffs and lyrics you can understand. Guess I'm not a true metal head as I like to hear what they are singing about.

if that were the case I would be very surprised, most people in bands live to become famous and would do whatever it takes. hopefully she's not too picky, getting on the radar is not easy with all the crap bands they are signing by the thousands anymore.

Well she has had the chance to become big and be like hollywood famous but she doesnt want to be because she doesn't want to become like the other hollywood type people, she likes being a smaller band and being able to have fun and be close to her fans and things like that.

Ok, i did check them out.

the second one made my ears cringe. wow, that was horrible. the first was very poor quality video. the third, meh. i think maybe hormones from the guys are what is the main attraction in the audience. but...despite all that, given the first video, and far, far less in the ones you link to here, she seems to have charisma, and a voice that is all right. i like her style too.

just my opinion, but there are not many dark women of rock. so, if she was to stay with the dark, she has the voice and manner to be kind of cool in rock and roll. but usually what you find is they get a contract, get all dolled up, and switch paths. look at the band Otep if you don't believe me on that one. Otep isn't my idea of a quality voice anyways. most of them are picked for their looks.

in my opinion the woman aspect is glaringly missing from the music scene today. where is your Joplin or Slick? we get one kind of woman, the pop rock kind, but none really in the dark rock genre. Flyleaf isn't exactly the kind of singer i am speaking of. I mean a woman with a voice.

we just keep getting fed this emo crap and soft rock bull. i would like to see a rejuvination of QUALITY in rock and roll. contracts are awarded to CRAP bands.

here are some more videos from them on youtube. Check them out ^_^ Hope this helps with you question. Please watch them all and all the way through then let me know what you think.

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3 - (this is her encore song at every show)

It is a very cool video. The director is fantastic, very nice.

I like the vocals, and the song works because of the video, but what about it would work live, or long term for grooving you know? It's niche, sure. But can you hear that played on stations? I don't know. Seems kind of gay in that light. It sounds like the woman has a strong and pleasant voice, got anything else that they have recorded?

Or is this just a plug and the conversation ends with "hey, check this out..."