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I was slammed by OZZY in OZZY contest

Hi everyone, I'm James, have been a huge fan of OZZY's for years and I always have had a place in my metal heart for him and Randy Rhoads, I like everything OZZY though.

I wanted to tell you guys about this bulls*** OZZY contest I recently entered at Vampirefreaks.com. First of all it's sneaky 'cause when a band joins VF it is suppose to be someone affiliated with OZZY, like even someone from his streat team or other. Anyway so they make this big huge deal that OZZY has joined VF. So I stopped by the page to wish OZZY well wishes and to welcome the PRINCE OF DARKNESS's presence to the site. So OZZY actually added me as a friend and those representing his page there announced this contest to win his discography....

Not sure how to post pics on here yet or links so try copying and pasting this to view....



So I thought cool I'll enter that, who knows. The contest stated that you were to take a photo of yourself screaming with something OZZY related, so some of us understood that as a photography contest with a picture of yourself screaming.

Well the picture that won, was a photoshopped piece of crap photo that did not have the person screaming with anything OZZY related, except she threw a couple scream lyrics onto the edit. The contest said a photo of you screaming, not and edit. So I questioned it and expressed my disappointment that that wasn't what the contest ask ed for and others agreed. So then OZZY or whoever is representing the page started bashing my photo entry and telling me that "I" photoshopped mine as well. Which I didn't alter the photo whatsoever......

Try this link to view Ozzy's comments and bashing my photo....


I said it's sad that you are using OZZY's great name to boost ratings for this site, and they responded by posting a sign on the page stating "This page is not run by OZZY". Meanwhile out of all the bands on there, OZZY's is now the only page that says that , so am I to assume the others are official? yeah right!

I just find it bulls*** when sites add band pages and misrepresent people like that, I wanted to tell someone so I joined here to get the whole bad experience of my chest. Thanks for listening and CHEERS to all the OZZY fans here and God bless OZZY.



@f_darkbladeus: thanks.

And to the other poster, I really didn't care if I won, (someone that followed the criteria should have though?), you missed the point, maybe grade 1 is too advanced for you?

I also find it hard to believe that "OZZY" himself would bash a person and their photo entry and claim that someone "photoshopped" a picture, when they didn't! Look at the comments made by "Ozzy Osbourne". Then after they deleted the comments, and put up a sign saying "THIS PAGE IS NOT RUN BY OZZY", to cover their ass. It is misrepresentation. I don't like that, you can look at that as whining if you want, but I look at it as an injustice to OZZY.

The problem is that neither Sharon nor Ozzy is of the electronic age. We don't live in the same times as the 70's and 80's. People don't read magazines to find the latest, they visit websites. And I agree that it's inappropriate that someone would use his name "as if" because Ozzy is a superstar and public as well as private identity that should not be assumed by others for any reason without express permission of Ozzy or Sharon.

I'm not finding any response to these issues with the web at all. It's disappointing to say the least. Doesn't mean I don't stop communicating them. Alot of people experience weird s*** on his sites. It's disappointing. This one is great now, but it had it's issues in the past too. Now the issue is that it's very outdated in it's design. It's coded way old style HTML / Javascript, and does not consider user interfacing and enriched environment at all.

The only reason I come is because Ozzy asks his fans to come here. And I am definitely one of those :o). So even if I only hear crickets chirping sometimes, I come. In his honor. Cuz I luv the man that much.

are we talking about James, aka souls? I really don't see him as a jerk Asylum.

My point with respect to the anger vocalized when Ozzy participated in the political rally - if you were mad about something are you kind and soft and loving? no. most are not.

****I really think Ozzy needs to honor his past stated credo and stay neutral. Stay out of politics. Alot of fans get very turned off **very fast** with this kind of behavior.

If Ozzy were to continue on using his public image in support of Barak Obama I will no longer remain connected to him myself. And that's the truth. F#CK that s***.

This is heavy duty stuff, it defines alot of a person and their philosophy on government, and that is really not what Ozzy fans pay money to support or appear to be associated with. That betrays the entire realm of political perspectives out there who have made him a star!

I do not deny his rights as a private citizen. But as a public one that is f***ing bull$h!t.

Capiche? I don't appreciate your constant digs at those who come here and say what they feel about his actions, because I agree with them Asylum. I think this is a BIG heads up to Ozzy that he's made many fans pissed off by what he's doing, especially given for 40 years that is totally what he has specifically stated OTHER MUSICIANS SHOULD NOT DO, and in fact, as early as this year, he himself stated HE WOULD NOT DO.

OK I thought you were talking about No more Ozzy obviously loving Ozzy. Gotcha. I'm not angry at him being mad at Ozzy. I'm mad that he constantly trolls and insults people just because they like Ozzy. He was also being racist. Seeing as how he says he wipes his ass with the Koran.

wow, that really sucks.

I'm not be too surprised, at Ozzy.com, a site paid for by Ozzy, people bash him all the time. They are extremely hostile. I hate that site and the "regulars." When Ozzfest was announced, they blanketed almost every thread and created more threads with news of Mayhem and how great it was, saying Ozzfest sucked flat out and saying all the venues picked were in bad parts of town or were dangerous. It was HORRIBLE. It is overtaken by people hostile to Ozzy BIG TIME. But is paid for by Ozzy I am sure.

Sharon should see to having someone manage his IT communications, and FIRE THE GUY WHO IS DOING IT NOW. You could not have anyone less caring about Ozzy then that person. Seriously. I'm with you on the sense of betrayal.

I don't think she or Ozzy realize how important the web is. It's more engaging for everyone then a magazine article or a snippet online in the news. It's what people do when they want to be close to Ozzy. Very sad indeed.


holy crap dude, i think that is a load of bs. being a fan and seeing a contest like that youd juts be like woah dude bada** but then some butthole has to come along and ruin it with a dumb photo, obviously whoever picked the picture, has problems!


No more Ozzy: "Well quit crying about it, Sally"

I could say the exact same thing to you.

Asylum, what on earth are you talking about "Sally." LOLz. you nutball. The thing with people assuming Ozzy and Sharons identity is actually pretty problematic on Facebook. Several people open accounts in their name and go to groups and other places pretending they are them. Very sick, very wrong, very much an issue because the wrong kind of response could open the real couple to all kinds of liability.

be nice!

No more Ozzy said "Well quit crying about it, Sally." I could say the exact same thing to him, bc he's always crying about the Jon Stewart rally. It disappeared, so I don't blame you for getting confused. Hey maybe they got rid of him!

oh, got you now. well, that's why politics and Ozzy should never mate. because it will cause fans to experience distress by his preferences, and retaliation from other fans when they post that angst.

Ozzy said musicians have no place pushing agenda with the fame they have gotten from fans of all walks. this was a departure from that and it's hurt half of his fans a great deal. it is not whining to say that this distresses them. it does. it may not distress those who believe right along with Ozzy that one political party is the right one. both sides made him famous. to the side feeling betrayed, that's not a good feeling.

i can understand that. this is why i have always loved him being neutral and uninvolved with the whole process. :o)

anyway...in light of that Asylum, it is not my desire that ANY fan be disrespected even if they state opinions contrary to your or my own regarding such a volatile subject. so, I hope he has not disappeared. frankly, this site is anemic, and to know that a man who obviously loves Ozzy came here to talk about issues on another site is awesome. i for one hope he sticks around. we have a bit too many crickets filling in for voices since the man with many voices disappeared from this site some time past. amazing, don't you think?

Huh? He was the one disrespecting us, and I was actually being as polite and mature as possible. And it's actually obvious he hates Ozzy, because he actually said he's pissed at him and won't listen to him anymore, and he was insulting others. How is it obvious he loves Ozzy? Remember fishnamedtrish/luvinfishstix/afishnamedtrish? I don't think you were very happy about her. No one was.

ok...got you. i forgot about those posts, but vaguely remember now that you mention them. that's the problem with when they delete posts that are hostile like that... the responses after them really ought to go too, ya know/ all that it does is lead to circles like this one where there's great confusion. like, who is Sally, and why do you feel so horrid towards souls (when it's not souls but someone else you're talking about but I don't know that and am left wondering if you are really antisocial or something ;o)).

lol. just kidding.