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Randy Rhoads Birthday Celebration Event announced




I saw that.

You know, I really wish the man was here today. I just have trouble with the candle lit vigil type honor shows that carry on for him. I love Randy Rhoads, and do believe that Rock and Roll lost an irreplaceable soul when he crossed to the other side. I am deeply saddened by his loss. But I also think many people live off of his legend long after he passed away, and to me that is weird.

Many people who connect with the vigil things act like the ONLY soul capable of beautiful music was him. And really, do you honestly think that is true? How many souls since RR passed on have lit a flame and just really blew away the world with their genius. Probably more then we can even begin to recall. And yet, how many of those men and women do any of the RR followers see, truly see, and appreciate with the genuine love and awe they afford to RR?

I see rigidity in believing that perfection was on the earth once, and will never be again. I just do.

But what do I know. RIP Randy. But I don't think you'd be happy with others projecting and thinking this was what you were all about, not really. You loved hearing others, learning from others, teaching others, and remaining alive to life, living it fully and continually striving to improve.

Maybe I lump the few instances of others I've encountered who follow these kinds of events with the whole group, and am unfair in that assessment. And if so, I stand corrected.