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First off lets establish that Ozzy doesn’t need anybody at this point of his career, the man could be dollied out on stage dead with a mic taped to his wrist & he would still manage to bring down the f***in house, why? Because he is f***in Ozzy Osbourne, a living legend & that’s an undeniable fact!

Now with that said, let’s move on with would a new Sabbath album tarnish his career. As for our much-loved Ozzy Osbourne returning to the studio with Tony Iommi to finish the unfinished Sabbath tracks for this promised new Sabbath album. I personally don’t see the harm in it if it was to indeed happen, nor will I personally cry myself to sleep at night if it never actually transpires. Why? Because he & the rest of the boys in Sabbath gave us an incredible library of work that not only inspired the youth of that particular era, but created a whole new jondra of music. Not everyone in the music industry can take claim to that mantle & not be a little full of s***, but Ozzy can, & he rightfully should.

As I calculate the solo career of Ozzy in my head, looking back at his entire library of solo work, I personally, as much as it deeply pains me, only find his first 2 solo albums to be his most breathtaking work, as far as being truly great from start to finish that is. I am not at all tearing at what came later, but the chemistry between Rhoads & Ozzy undeniably is down right magical. So much so that it still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up today. I love a lot of the music Ozzy has done since, but as far as an entire albums worth of music just blowing my f***in mind away, well it just hasn’t happened for me in a long, long time. As much as I wish it were the other way around, a fact is a fact & he just hasn’t managed to give me that much wanted thrill again. Ozzy himself has even recognized this fact to be true, & has openly stated it, thus making my admiration of him all the more solid, & true. To quote the Ozz man, every artist wants to paint his, or her own Mona Lisa each time they go to work, but this is a impossible task, and totally unrealistic view. I don’t wish, nor do I intend on offending any of you that may get that thrill from some of his later songs, but I honestly can say for me with each album since diary, there may be about 4, or 5 songs that I get into, & the rest of the album is just ok for me at best. Maybe I am a harsh critic, but in my opinion most artists need this kind of producer, or manager, it is then usually that an artist will dig deep and give out his best work.

Ozzy cannot tarnish the immortal music library called Black Sabbath, at least no more than Iommi has already done himself. I admire all the guys in Sabbath but what Tony allowed the record company to do with the release of some of the later Sabbath albums only featuring Iommi himself, & he not standing up to them and insisting it only be titled with his name alone, is just bulls*** in my humble opinion. I have forgiven him since, but it is something I cannot just simply forget about. Iommi’s Black Sabbath featuring Dio, Gillian, and who ever else was gullible enough to take the mic for Iommi back then has never been free of living in Ozzy’s shadow, nor will they ever be. Again no disrespect to those guys, I bought myself many a Dio album, as well as deep purple, but none of them are a pimple on Ozzy’s ass cheek.

I think it is safe to say Ozzy is reaching the twilight of his career; after all he is in his 50’s. I have had some people say to me that this rock icon has sold out, gone soft, but I can say in a matter of fact tone that even if he has mellowed some with age, or has somehow managed to get a little more radio friendly, or commercial in these later years, I can only say so f***in what of it? He has given us a dozen lifetimes filled with the enjoyment of his music, & shows. If the Ozz man wants to slow it down a little then I am more than happy with that, after all he has gone beyond earning it. So as for the Ozz man jerkin us around, I say bulls*** to that statement, because it is a selfish ass thing to say in the first place. You should be happy he is even doing any live shows, albums, anything. Because Ozzy hasn’t needed to do so for a long, long time now. He does what he does, when he does for us the fans, & we should never, ever take that for granted.

As always remember the Sabbath!