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Re: Scream

Scream is for sure, the best album of the year. It is incredible how over the years as music changes, Ozzy changes along with it while still having that classic Ozzy feel that makes everyone lose it when his voice hits us like a mallet. This album has maybe one or two fillers on it, but the rest of the album is a keeper. The musicianship is most excellent. Ozzy’s pick of a new guitarist was a great choice, Gus G does playing just as good, if not better, than former guitarist Zakk Wylde. The album also features Adam Wakeman on keyboards, son of Rick Wakeman, keyboardist to the rock group Yes.
The album’s first song is Let It Die. A nice intimidating starter, that kind of has a nice tempo that changes from head-banging goodness, to a slower pace that sounds like a trudging herd of mammoths. The song is the albums biggest hit single, Let Me Hear You Scream. Without a doubt a great song for getting ones blood pumping. Soul Sucker is an alright track that follows, continued by albums second single, Life Won’t Wait. It is a great song, great lyrics, and most of all b****in’ music. Emotion is channeled through Ozzy's voice, Gus G's ripping guitar, and fantastic drumming by Tommy Clufetos. But the main part that stands out, is Blasko's bass groove that is complex, yet isn't over done and let's the song breath.
The next song is the albums heaviest song, Diggin' Me Down. The song starts with an ominous melancholy acoustic intro. As the intro continues, it gets a creepier sound and gets the song going into a Sabbath-like direction. The song is Ozzy questioning man’s faith in Jesus Christ. The song is brought down when it gets calm momentarily while Ozzy sings, “How will I know you Mr. Jesus Christ? Haven’t you already been here once or twice?” Without a doubt the albums heaviest song next to Life Won’t Wait.
The next song from the album is Crucify. Disgustingly Ozzy and from the looks of the lyrics in the song, sounds like it is being sung from the devil’s point of view. However, it is a pretty good song with a catchy riff and a smooth gritty rhythm section, and provides the dark vibes that Ozzy fans love. The next song is Fearless. While not one of the albums strongest songs, and might be considered a filler, it is a nice skull-crushing stiff upper lip song the lets the fans feel indestructible. The song after is one with not that original of a title, being that it is one of Pink Floyd’s most well known songs, is called Time. It’s has nice melodic sound provided by Floyd-like backing vocals, and a catchy bass riff, and pretty much the same message as Life Won’t Wait, with a different variation.
Finally we reach a song that I won’t go into much detail over. The song is called, I Want More. While it is not a bad song, it is simply forgettable and the only filler on the album. Latimer’s Mercy is the next song. It has a groovy keyboard riff that sounds like a spider climbing up a cathedral. The song describes Latimer’s gruesome way of showing someone mercy by putting them out of their misery. Finally we reach the end of the album with a brief a song that is Ozzy paying homage to his fans, I Love You All. The only thing the song has to say is, “We must stand together now, or one by one we’ll fall. For all these years you stood by me, God bless. I love you all.” As bright and chipper as the lyrics sound, the music provides otherwise with a downbeat sound, ending the album with a nice Ozzy ending. This is without a doubt, the best album of 2010. It is a heavy album in both lyrics and music, and provides a head-banging crunch that everyone loves, and shows that you’re never to old to rock. At least, of you’re Ozzy Osbourne.