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ozzy meet and greet

i would like to buy a meet and greet but i do not know how every thing is going on behine do you see him for a long time or is is only the time to take a pic and then you are out of there.


Interesting, I'm wondering where did f_darkbladeus get the details.
I got the ticket for the Nov 12 Victoria show. It was just like you said: only the time to take a pic and then you are out of there.
We didn't have time to ask a question. Getting anything signed was also very much forbidden.
Our front row seat was very nice, but not worth 1000.

Sorry Double post

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can you take your own camera in and take pictures? Is it before the opening band? Will he sign other stuff? Sounds like he is in and out....like 10 minutes? Thanks

can you bring in your own camera? is it before the opening band so you can get out and see them? Si, is he in there for like 10 minutes? Will he sign other stuff and can you take your own pictures? Thanks

no you cannot bring in your own camera... People have and I guess just never got caught recording,NO FLASHES they warn.. Big Dave or Al do the photos.

I did VIP meet and greet in Kansas City last night. I haven't seen many experiences on here, so I'll give the rundown of how ours went.
Party started at 5:30. We were escorted to a great bar area, and each got 1 drink ticket for whatever you like, then the rest was cash bar. Big Dave and Allan ran the festivities, and they were exceptional. Both of those guys go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good time. There was an auction for a band signed drumhead, with proceeds going to Sharon's cancer charity. Then there was a raffle for a bottle of Randy's family's wine - 2 winners.
The M&G started at a little after 6pm in a different room. There were about 25 ppl for that, they took us to another room with an Ozzy backdrop set up, and we all lined up around the room. Then Big Dave announced Ozzy, and he came in the room and stood against the backdrop.
The official instructions we were given before the event said that is was a "photo meet and greet only. Please do not ask for autographs." However, when we got there, Allan informed us that Ozzy would sign 1 item for each person (although some people snuck 2).
Then we all went through the line to meet Ozzy. Very quick, but he was warm and friendly and will answer any question, or listen to whatever you want to tell him. Then they take a photo with a very professional-quality camera, which will be posted to a website for download in a few days. You are not allowed to take your own pictures. Then he signed our item, and we were escorted out.
That's about it - they then take you back to the party before the show starts, and you can hang out there. We were done in plenty of time to see Slash, and Big Dave actually even came in and gave us a 10-minute warning for when Slash was going to go on so we didn't miss it.
So, if you are a superfan, this is a must. It was an incredible and fun experience. If you are expecting to sit and hang out with Ozzy to have drinks, or exchange stories or e-mail, then this is not for you. It is a very short moment with Ozzy, but is once-in-a-lifetime.

Sounds fun. Im 16 years old, will I be allowed in the Pre show party? Since there is drinks? I hope I can still go.

You're with Ozzy for a little bit. He signs everyones stuff, and takes a picture. If that means a lot to you and you can afford it ~ you should go for it big time, why not? Rather that you do it then wish you had, right?His lineup is fantastic, you should just do it. Do it for me. I can't afford to meet him but would absolutely slap the $1k down if I had it. Damned straight.

Many times Ozzy does sign things love. And...interesting, because there are Youtube video's of people getting hugs, a kiss, taking a snapshot, and having Ozzy signing things. So, guess you must have been in a strange venue or Ozzy may have made the choice for other reasons. Sounds strange to me. Meeting Ozzy is well work the thousand bucks, as is the VIP seating. It just depends on how much you love the man. If he is just one of many interests, perhaps the money isn't seen as worth it. If you are a diehard Ozzy fan, wow. I would definitely beg to differ.

ps. You can talk directly to me, I am a regular here. I have been a fan for a long time. That is where I get my information (who are we speaking with by the way). How about 34 years?

Who takes the picture?