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Letter To Ozzy

Hi ozzy,
im an average teenager who loves your music and happy to say that you are my role model in life. I inspire to be a f**king awesome musician one day, just like you. im really happy to live in a city that you'll be touring to for the Scream tour. i couldnt be more excited to say its gonna be around my birthday. Im trying to convince my parents to buy tickets to see your show in Jacksonville, FL and I want to see your show because it will be the first metal concert ive ever gone too. I checked the tour dates and if im correct Jacksonville is the last U.S. city. I looked on ticketmaster and saw there was a meet and greet v.i.p. package and when i saw the price i nearly crapped my pants! im posting this to ask a favor if maybe, since it being the last U.S. city, i could meet ozzy before and the gang at the show. I appreciate this sites team and fan base for making Ozzy so awesome, I thank whoever takes the time to read this, and of course Ozzy himself for staying strong in his music to this day!

Thank you,
Bryce Alewel


ozzy, i love you, and your music , my name is Seija in finland, and my dog cavalier elaine ,peace to every ozzy-fan!

Hi Ozzy, let me show you my mug made ​​by myself. It's already 13 years old and
starting to get tired. I would like to do a new one, based on this picture, but I would like to expand. Unfortunately I can not find an image anywhere on the net.
Please help me! I'm looking for that little mustache picture, from the video "I'm so tired", in the role of theater prompter. For me still satisfy, if you expose it beside the old pictures on Facebook.
Thanks for your help!

Best regards
An old fan