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Metal and the spectrum over the Years: Your opinions...

So Im a metal fan, I like all things heavy except for one particular thing... the radio i feel like a lot of people have no clue about the metal universe. like when im just hanging out with my friends somewhere and some ignorant dude is going off about how the stuff on the radio is so "hardcore!" or "scream-o!" In my head im like really?.. this kids testing my patience today! Does anyone have this happen to them? I mean people act like everything on the radio is the best thing ever and it just really has become a pet peeve if mine because bands like testament and ozzy(just examples) are still around and im like you know what.. keep ypur garbage on the radio so people like you dont ruin my good musics reputation. I live in Florida and there used to be a station called 104.5 classic rock station and it played metallica and ozzy and it was awesome... BUT WAIT they gotta mess it up and start playing songs from newer bands and it is now called the "best rock station." Now hears an example of something awesome, When i heard the band avenged sevenfold i dumped truck right there, they were awesome, it was a good mix of newer style and they kept the heavy metal intact with double kickers(R.I.P. The Rev) and great guitar solos from Gates. but now theyve started to get un- heavier over the years and im kinda sad because i love this band, growing up with a kick a** band and waiting for new albums to come out from them was awesome. but even though the dream theater drummer stepped in for the rev, it isnt the same. but thats how things are for me on the east coast. Id like to hear EVERYONES thoughts and feelings on Nu-Metal, The Radio, or any stories they want to share.
Thank You for reading, Just say OZZY

P.s. a kid talked about ozzy the wrong way one time in school and i punched him straight in the face and said leave ozzy alone... i went to detention that day.


first off, u got served. second off im not your "son," were all ozzys children except you your a troll

Go Malo2!

I was listening to an Ozzy song on youtube, and there was a guy bashing Ozzy and other people, calling them 'son' every time.