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Quick question

What's happening to people's posts? Does anybody know why they're disappearing?


it's a conspiracy. purposed deletions to make you feel like you're losing your marbles. :oP

yes well aren't we all. it's the ones who believe they are normal who are the real nutcases!

That's actually why I chose my name, bc I'm in need of an asylum XD and really, I couldn't believe it wasn't already taken!

it was just addressing a situation that i knew of because the guy had posted several places but the post he did was removed. yours was left behind, having nothing at all to do with the topic, and it looked quite alot like you were in need of one, an "Asylum" that is. lolz. ;O* lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So I'm guessing it wasn't one of the really mature things I was saying that you flagged? lol

Iwhat do you mean. are some disappearing? i have been busy so haven't been on very much. i know if i see foul language i flag and those are removed. maybe someone is moderating the forum now. what a concept! :o). can't hink of any of yours i flagged except one where you were telling someone off pretty rudely and they'd already removed their post so it didn't fit in the context of the thread. made you appear quite loony lol. i thought it best that was taken out also.