Ozzy turned me away from suicide. | The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site

Ozzy turned me away from suicide.

All my life Ive been plagued with life-threatening health issues, and for the times when I felt like ending it all it was Ozzys music that always helped pull me through and his humor that made me smile when it was difficult to do so. For that I am most grateful, ...Thank you Osbourne family, I genuinely mean that; thank you! D.R.W., Las Vegas, NV.


depression is horrible. that's for sure Asylum. the unfortunate thing is that it usually takes a personal touch to really break it for someone, and that is no longer what we really do as a general rule, get involved 1:1 with one another. sad, but true.

I heard someone say the band Creed is the reason he didn't kill himself. God I wish a band could do that for me! And it's kind of ironic that people accused Ozzy of promoting suicide lol!

awww! Ozzy definitely speaks to us all through his music. that's not how it's been for me, but i think it's awesome when others express that, it's something i've heard before. right on!