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FYI - The Facebook Group "Ozzy!!!!" fans sharing wit...

We are from the US, Canada, Mexico, all over South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand...the Middle East, the Ukraine ~ we're all super Ozzfans and we've been gathered together in one place for about a month now. You have to ask to join if you want to post.

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Come one, come all ~*

:o) awesome. glad to see you there. some other site visitors are there too. enjoy ~*

Kk cool awesome, I've asked to join!

The only reason this group was created is because this site is not conducive for the gathering and mingling between fans. I hate Facebook along with everyone else, but it seems the only place people want to meet and share their love for Ozzy. I ask members to come here ALL THE TIME but really don't get much of a show (if any). Ugh.