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Have you noticed?

Ever notice how many people come here to ask for something for free?

- they're handicapped and can't afford the $1K seats
- they're son is 7 and they can't afford tickets
- they lost their job and can't afford tickets
- they have cancer (or someone they love does) and want to meet Ozzy
- there's some urgent reason why they need something signed by Ozzy

I am not saying there isn't truth behind these posts.
It just seems uncanny how much this comes into play.


i think people are con's alot of the time. maybe some truly are genuine, what do i know. if they are, it makes me wonder why in human nature it is that until someone is dying they don't do great things for them.


i do. i think it must be hard for them to wade through that kind of request. some really tug on your heart strings. the one that most of all did not was the guy who said he was handicapped and can't afford VIP tickets. I'm like "...and?"

OMG thats funny I didnt even notice lol!