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I'm sure by now that you've heard of the reverend fred phelps and the westboro baptist church in Topeka Ks.
They're the ones who are picketing soldiers funerals, saying that dead soldiers are gods punishment for allowing gays in the military, the country or just breathing. I was at a counter protest this morning in Wamego KS, and you can NOT imagine my horror to hear the bastardized words and music of "Crazy Train".. Im relatively sure that Mr Ozzy did NOT give Shirley Phelps-Roper , permission to use his lyrics or music in these offensive protests. I know you're a busy a person, and probably don't give a crap about some psychos in kansas, However these people are using the First Amendment to make a scene at the funerals of young people. AND now also apparently infringing on copyrights.
If anyone here can tell me how to contact the legal advisors, or anyone who may give a damn Please feel free to contact me @


I actually messaged something here a while ago
suggesting Ozzy should sue these ignorites for
plagarizing (sp?) "Crazy Train" by using the same
melody, most of the same lyrics, and changed a few
lyrics to make it there own song.
I say take 'em to court, drag it through the courts
for as long as you can and bankrupt these idiots with
legal fees. That might shut them up.
But justice comes in other ways too.
By being rude and disrespectful to mourners at a funeral.
Don't worry, they're all going to Karma Hell anyways.