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Lyric trouble

This song is "God Make It Not So" by teen rock/pop band Hover:

"They said we got the call around 2:00 this morning.
Another roadside (?) killed our boys today.
It's your brother, he's gone away.
He's with the Lord I pray.
He held my mama's hand as tears ran down her face."

The word is pronounced "KOW-ler" 1:25. Sounds a lot better on the CD...:)


That's how it's pronounced in the song.

ahhh. ok. somehow I thought you were in the band. dumb@ss me and my wacky brain ~ lol. i just remember teasing you about the name, being remniscient of a vacuum, and was thinking you played in it. Ok. but what is it you meant by "the word is pronounced "KOW-ler?"

I'm actually a fan.

which one of the guys are you Asylum? what word is pronounced like that? you lost me there.