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Happy 62nd Birthday to my Lord and Savior Ozzy Osbou...

Today I wore a Black Sabbath T-shirt and walked in the halls this morning listening to nothing but Sabbath and Ozzy! I was drumming the beginning to "I Don't Wanna Stop" on the desk in study hall while listening! And yes he is in fact my Savior. He saved me from a life of too mellow music, much like Pink Floyd saved me from boy bands when I was a little kid. Boy bands like Aaron Carter, N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Whatev... Ozzy shall never die! Long live the Godfather!


I'm with you all the way on this one.
He saved me from giving up, inspired me to keep going. Thus, he saved my life.
Thank Mother Earth, Ozzy never became a plumber eh?
Long Live our Godfather!!!!! :-)

That's ozzsome Asylum. I've been thinking of his birthday all day too. It's my day off and I've been flitting in and out of the Ozzy!!!! group on Facebook sharing the love with other fellow fans. :o).

Ozzy delivered the words written by Geezer that saved me from going nuts myself. Being raised religious with evil family members made it difficult to keep a grip on reality sometimes...their words though, it made me realize that all that was being shone outwards that felt so evil just might be evil. That I wasn't the only one seeing that hypocrisy helped me to feel grounded in opposition, not alone if you will. Hard to say in a few sentences what insanity lay back in those minds and days...suffice it to say that Ozzy's voice just meant the world to this 12 and 13 year old girl. My first crush was him :o). LOL. My girlfriend SueB and i used to walk around flashing the peace signs all the time, we were so in love with the man heh heh!!!

Wow, so many years ago now. My own daughter is nearing the age I was when I first heard Ozzy on the radio. All these years, so many beautiful sounds and songs...I have never had a time in my life when his music hasn't been a part of that. I don't ever want to imagine that either.

Long live the king of my heart - the man who's voice sends shivers down my spine, and connects with my center big time!!!!